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The First Narrows has an extension of 8 nautical miles from Punta Delgada to Bajo Satélite. It is a straight passage with a mean width of 2 nautical miles in its narrow section and the mostly affected area of the Strait of Magellan by currents and tides. As explained above in syzygies, the current may reach an intensity of 8 knots and a tide amplitude of 8 meters. 

Current is oriented towards the Strait of Magellan direction, increasing or decreasing the vessel speed without significantly affecting its course. 

The most significant danger is in Bajo Satélite, located 1 nautical mile north of the navigation track, in the south of the passage. 

In the eastern entry, there is a ferry crossing area, where normally 2 of these vessels operate 24 hours a day. Vessels navigating throughout the Strait have the right of way, and the masters of these ferries are familiarized in this regard, so they are not a danger for navigation.