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Chile is located in the extreme southwest of South America and has 2,400 nautical miles of coastline. South of latitude 41º 45' South, there are 1,095 nautical miles of channels, straits, narrows, and fjords. This provides inland waters sheltered from bad weather and storms common in the southeast Pacific and suitable for the safe navigation of all types of vessels. This area of inland waters, composed of channels, straits, narrows and fjords, is divided into three geographical areas:



Chiloé and Aysén area

From latitude 41º 45’ South (Chacao Channel/Ancud) to 47º 00’ South (Golfo de Penas).

Patagonian area

From 47º 00’ South (Golfo de Penas) to Magellan Strait.

Fuegian area

From the Strait of Magellan to Cape Horn, including Isla Tierra del Fuego and the Fuegian channels. This last sheltered region is the most used passage to reach Antarctica.