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The following transfer stations are available for embarking and disembarking Channel Pilots:

Ancud (1) (Lat.: 41° 47.67’ S, Long.: 073° 50.435’ W); entry or exit of Chacao Channel.
Laitec (1) (Lat.: 43º 20.0' S, Long.: 073º 36.0' W); to the South of Isla de Chiloé. Pilot Transfer Zone.
Bahía Posesión (2) (Lat.: 52º 22.75' S, Long.: 068º 58.63' W); eastern entry/exit of the Strait of Magellan. For all vessels, in good weather conditions. Pilot Transfer Zone. In bad weather conditions, transfer will take place through Punta Delgada Pilot Station Control Centre (Lat.: 52º 28.17’ S, Long.: 069º 31.43’ W). In this case, Pilots will control safe navigation of the vessel by radar from the VTS in the Pilot Station.
Punta Arenas (2) (Lat.: 53° 10.5’ S, Long.: 070° 54.5’ W); Strait of Magellan.
Cape Horn (3) (Lat.: 55º 56.58' S, Long.: 067º 12.56' W); Pilot Transfer Zone.
Paso Richmond (3) (Lat.: 55º 20.85' S, Long.: 066º 40.88' W); south of Caleta las Casas (Isla Nueva). Pilot Transfer Zone.
East Beagle Channel (3) (Lat.: 55º 07.95' S, Long.: 066º 32.98' W); north of Punta Waller or Caleta Carlos (Isla Nueva). Pilot Transfer Zone.
Bahía Cook (Lat.: 55° 10.17' S, Long.: 070° 12.61' W); Pilot Transfer Zone.

NOTE: Notwithstanding the abovementioned Transfer Stations, vessels can embark and disembark Channel Pilots at departure or arrival in port according to their requirements and in compliance with the Pilotage Policy in Section 4. To enter the pilot boarding areas of Ancud, Laitec and Bahía Posesión, the following Waypoints are recommended:

Ancud Latitude (S) Longitude (W) Name WP
41°34.93 074°02.49 Punta Quillagua
41°40.23 074°00.34 Golfo Coronados
41°45.86 073°51.52 Faro Corona
41°47.67 073°50.435 Ancud
Laitec Latitude (S) Longitude (W) Name WP
43°16.45 074°51.38 Cabo Quilan
43°34.94 074°24.49 Isla Guafo
43°35.00 073°47.00 Rocas Canoitad
43°27.00 073°36.00 Laitec Sur
43°20.50 073°36.00 Laitec
Bahía Posesión Latitude (S) Longitude (W) Name WP
52°28.17 069°31.43 Punta Delgada
52°21.21 069°18.77 Banco Narrow
52°21.20 069°07.80 Bahía Posesión
52°22.75 068°58.63 Pilot Posesion
52°30.53 068°30.40 Punta Dungeness
52°40.59 068°09.97 Atlántico