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The Second Narrows has an extension of 12 nautical miles from Cabo Gregorio in the north to Cabo San Vicente in the south. Its narrowest part is of 4 nautical miles abeam promontory Sweepstakes. 

As well as in the First Narrows, current is oriented towards the narrows direction, increasing or decreasing the vessel speed without mostly affecting its course. Its maximum intensity reaches 6 knots in syzygies. 

In this narrows, while navigating from east to west with current in favour, there must be caution and lookout when changing course for entering Paso Nuevo, from Cabo San Vicente to Isla Magdalena. This is because the current tends to get the vessel off course in the direction of banco Santa Marta. Reaction is possible without difficulties, as Santa Marta is 4 nautical miles west of the navigation track, which gives sufficient area for manoeuvring.